The 19th International Likhachov Scientific Conference 23-24 May 2019

“Global Development: Challenges of Predictability and Manageability”

May 23, Thursday

Plenary Session
Global Development: Challenges of Predictability and Manageability

Panel Discussion
Vectors of Changes and the Future of the Global Community (with members of the Global Insight group)

May 24, Friday

Section 1.

New Risks and Challenges of Stability Considerations in Global Development

Section 2.

Humans and Culture in the Age of Global Changes

Section 3.

Economy and Law in the Context of Global Instability

Section 4.

Social and Labor Relations: Labor Unions, Governments and Transnational Corporations in the Global World

Section 5.

Dmitry Likhachov’s Ideas and Modernity (International Forum of Senior High School Students)