The 22nd International Likhachov Scientific Conference 12-13 April 2024

“BRICS as the New Space for Dialogue Among Cultures and Civilizations”

Plenary Session
Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations in the New Emerging Reality

Section 1 - Problems and Prospects of the New Global Cultural Cooperation Platform Formation (Science, Culture, Art, Education, Economy, Law)

Section 2 - Values of the New Multipolar World: Universal and Specific

Section 3 - Economy of the New Multipolar World

Section 4 - Legal Fundamentals and Issues of The New Multipolar World Development

Section 5 - Russia in the New Multipolar World: New Aims and New Possibilities

Section 6 - Russian Education on the Cusp of a New Era

Section 7 - The Global Trade Union Movement under the New Multipolarity

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