Professor of the Department of Economics of enterprise and entrepreneurship at the St. Petersburg State University, Professor of the Department of Economics and Management, St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Sc. (Economics). Author of more than 120 academic papers, including monographs and learning aids “Theoretical Bases for Entrepreneurship Activities (Macroeconomic Aspect)”, “New Trends in Relations of State and Entrepreneurs and Their Role in the Society’s Development” (co-author), “The Main Focuses and Factors of Transfer to Innovative Economy” (co-author), “Fundamentals of Enterprising Activities. History of Entrepreneurship: textbook and case study for academic Bachelor’s degree program”, articles “Social and Cultural Factors for Innovative Development” (co-author), “Interconnection of Traditional and New Institutions in the Process of Russian Economy’s Updating” (co-author), “Motivational Potential of Modernization” (co-author), etc.