Professor of the Chair of Philosophy of Politics and Law at Lomonosov Moscow University, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy), Honorary Higher Education Lecturer of the Russian Federation. Class 3 State Advisor. Author of more than 400 scholarly publications, including 26 monographs and textbooks: The Nature of Self-Identification:Russian Culture, Slavonic World and Strategy of Continuing Education; The World’s Wells: Russia’s Environmental Doctrine: from Plans to Pilot Projects; Philosophy and Methodology of Political Planning; “The Civilizational Heritage of the Slavic World”, “Smart Politics and the Culture of Planning” and some others. Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the study and preservation of cultural and natural heritage. V. N. Rastorguyev is recipient of the UN Avicenna Award and Unity Award. He was awarded the Russian Federation Governmental Prize in science and technology.