Deputy Chief Editor of the journal Neva (Saint Petersburg), writer, publicist, literary critic, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics). Author of literary-publicistic pieces and prose books including: Humpbacked Atlantes or the New Don Quixshote, An Affair with Prostatitis, Love the Killer, The Whole  World for Us is Outland, The Plague, In the Valley of Blissful, Love for Fatherly Coffins, The Internationale of Fools, The Drifting Idols, Cloud Armor, Thorny Triangle, Immortal Valka, Stony Brotherhood, There is no Requital for Them, A Date with Quasimodo, The Days of Yore and Books and others including 60 mathematical papers. Winner of the Nabokov Prize, the Literature Prize of N. V. Gogol, laureate of the Award of the Government of Saint Petersburg.