President of the Pitirim Sorokin Nikolai Kondratiev International Institute, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Deserved Scientist of the Russian Federation. Academician of the International Global Research Academy. Author of more than 780 scientific publications, including more than 40 monographs and textbooks: Regularities of Scientific and Technological Progress and their Systematic Use, Acceleration of Scientific and Technological Progress: Theory and Economic Mechanism, Cycles. Crises. Forecasts, Russian Cyclism: New Vision of the Past and the Future, Forecasting Cycles and Crises, Globalization and Interaction of Civilizations, and others. Chairman of Yalta Civilization Club. Vice-president of the Supporting Global Civilization Organization, Member of the World Future Studies Federation. Founder and Academic Editorial Board Chair of Partnership of Civilizations international research and education journal. Awarded the Orders of Labor Red Banner and Badge of Honor, the Order of Friendship (Kazakhstan), II degree, as well as governmental medals.