REPORTS 2022. ““Global conflict and the contours of a new world order””

C. GODDARD, Master of Law, Royal Architect (RIBA), Royal Fellow of the Arts (FRSA), Royal Chartered Arbitrator Fellow (FCIARb)
Russian Education at the New Frontier of Epochs (Dialectics of the Past and the Future). What does Russia Need?

A. KEVIN, Emeritus Fellow of the Australian National University (Canberra), independent expert, diplomat (1968-1998). The author of six books including “Return to Moscow”, “Russia-Australia Relations: History and Modernity” and others; the author of articles «Australia's secret pre-emptive war against Iraq» «Cambodia and Southeast Asia» and others. Literary awards winner.

G. B. KLEINER, Deputy Director of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chair of the System Analysis in Economics at the University of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation, scientific adviser of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Dubna University, corresponding member of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor
Intelligence, soul, culture as factors of interaction in a fractured world

H. KOCHLER, President of the International Progress Organization (Vienna, Austria), professor emeritus at the University of Innsbruck, former Chairman of the Institute of Philosophy, Ph.D. Author of 40 scholarly books, including: “Phenomenological Realism: Selected Essays”, “Democracy and the International Rule of Law. Propositions for an Alternative World Order”, “The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in the Context of Modern Power Politics”, “Global Justice or Global Revenge? International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads”, “Muslim-Christian Ties in Europe: Past, Present and Future”, “Security Council as Administrator of Justice?”, “World Order: Vision and Reality”, etc. Awarded the Honorary Medal of the Austrian College Society, Honorary Medal of the International Peace Bureau (Geneva, Switzerland), Grand Medal of David the Invincible of the Armenian Academy of Philosophy, Gusi Peace Prize. Honorary doctor of Mindanao State University (Philippines) and Armenian State Pedagogical University. Honorary professor of Pamukkale University (Turkey). Member of the Advisory Council, Academy for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin, Germany).

G. METTAN, President of the United Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Switzerland – Russia and CIS States”, Executive Director of the Swiss Press Club (Geneva). Deputy of the Grand Council (Parliament) of the canton of Geneva from the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland. Author of several books on socio-political subjects and international relations, including “Russie-Occident: une guerre de mille ans” (The West vs Russia: a Thousand Year Long War), “A Western View: Russophobia from Charlemagne to the Last Olympic Games in Rio”, and others.
The Western New Tongue Makes Any Dialogue of Culture A Deaf Talk

T. TURKER, Director of the Research Centre for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences Faculty at the Ankara University (Turkey)
A New Universal Order? Civilization(s) Strike Back?

C. VARGA, research professor emeritus of the Institute for Legal Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Peter Pazmany Catholic University (Budapest), D.Sc.
TRADITIONAL VALUES AND WESTERN EFFORTS TO EXPORT »NEW ETHICS« Via Softing Law by Reference to Human Rights and the Rule of Law