President of the Kyrgyz Republic (1990–2005), president of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (1988–1990). Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Complex Systems Mathematical Research under Lomonosov Moscow State University (since 2005), a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor. Academic supervisor of Centre of Fundamental Studies at Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. Author of over 300 scientific works, inventions and academic publications on Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, Optical Computers and Information Technology. His political and philosophical views are described in the selected papers: “The Difficult Road to Democracy: a Memorable Decade”, “Transition Economy as Seen by the Eyes of a Physician”, “The New Strategy of Vladimir V. Putin to Achieve High Steady Growth Rates of the Russian Economy”, “Modelling and Forecasting World Dynamics” (co-author), “Complex Modeling and Forecasting of the Development of the BRICS Countries in the Context of the World Dynamics” (co-author), “Thinking about Future with Optimism: reflections on Foreign Policy and World Order” and others. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He is awarded with the order “Badge of Honour” and Pushkin Medal. Laureate of N. Kondratiev golden medal, S. Kuznets golden medal, V. Leontiev golden medal, and Vernadsky golden medal and order.