Professor of Contemporary History of the Faculty of History and Philosophy at the University of Iceland (Reykjavik), a chairman of the Scientific Innovation Center EDDA, Research fellow at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, Ph.D. Author of more than 50 scientific publications, including the following monographs “The Rebellious Ally: Iceland, the United States, and the Politics of Empire. 1945–2006”, “Geopolitics of Arctic Natural Resources”, “Topography of Globalization: Politics, Culture, Language” (ed.), “Cold War Cultures: Perspectives on Eastern and Western European Societies”, “Arctic Security in the Age of Climate Change”, “NATO: The First Fifty Years”, “Iceland’s Financial Crisis: the Politics of Blame, Protest and Reconstruction” (co-auth), etc. He is the recipient of a Literary Award of the J. Sigurdsson Fund and government award for research on NATO. He has been a peer reviewer for many scientific journals, including “Cold War History”, “Journal of Slavic Military Research”, “Journal of Polar Research”.