Research Fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs (New Delhi). She received her Ph. D. at the Department of West Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Field of scholarly: Turkey, Greece, Russia, USA; the Cyprus issue Turkish¬Greek relations, policy research, Arctic, research on peace processes and conflict resolution, defense and foreign policy. Author of a number of scientific publications on international affairs, including the following: “The Vostok¬2018: Significance of Russia¬China Military Exercises”, “India¬Russia Relationship in Changing Geopolitical Dynamics”, “US’ National Security Strategy: A Russian Overview”, “The Munich Security Conference 2018: An Overview”, “Russia’s Increasing Role in Afghanistan: Impact on the Peace Process”, “Russia’s New Foreign Policy 2016”, “Russia and Trump’s Win”, “A New Aspect in the Special and Privileged Relationship between India and Russia: The Informal Meetings”, “Highlights of President Vladimir Putin’s Speech at the Federal Assembly 2018. A Vision for Russia’s Future”, “Special Report on Moves and Counter Moves: Between Russia and NATO”, “Russia and Pakistan Relationship: Engagement after Estrangement”, “China’s Relations with West Asia and Turkey”, “Geopolitical and Strategic Implications to Russia’s Security”, “Ukraine: The Clash of the Titans”, etc. She has appeared in interviews, including with the Russian TV and in India’s Rajya Sabha and All India Radio. She was a part of the Indian delegation for the 13th Think Tank Forum at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation at Astana (Kazakhstan). She was invited to discuss on security and terrorism issues during an interaction with the Joint Secretary of National Security Council Secretariat on SCO RATS. She was also invited for an interaction with the Young Diplomats of India, Russia and China under the format of Russia – India – China (R¬I¬C).