Member of the State Council of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, Chairman of the Trustee Counsil of SPbUHSS. Author of a number of publications on social and labor relations, social policy, theory and practice of the labor and trade union movement, including the books: “Trade Unions of Russia on the Threshold of the 21st Century”, “No Victory Without a Fight!”, “For Dignified Labor”, “Trade Union News Through the Prism of Humor” (co-authored); “To Fight and Win”, “Our Struggle”, “Anthology of Trade Union Thought” (co-authored); training manuals for trade unionists and activists “Conflicts in Labor Collectives” (co-authored), “Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia in a Changing Society”, “Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia in Questions and Answers”; chapter “Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia” in the book “15 Years of the All-Russian Trade Union: A Look into the Future”. Coordinator of the Russian Trilateral Commission on Regulating Social and Labor Relations between All-Russian Trade Union Associations, All-Russian Employer Associations, and the Government of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Emeritus of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations. Member of the Board of the Free Economic Society of Russia, member of the International Union of Economists, the National Civic Committee for Interaction with Law Enforcement, Legislative and Judicial Bodies, etc. Honorary President of the General Confederation of Trade Unions. Awarded the Order of Friendship, Order of the Badge of Honor, Order of Merit for the Fatherland II, III, IV degrees, Medal “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”, Certificate of Merit of the Government of the Russian Federation, etc. Professor Emeritus of SPbUHSS.