Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, Vice-President of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Vice-President of the European Regional Council of Trade Unions, President of the Universal Confederation of Trade Unions. Chairman of the Trustee Council of SPbUHSS. Honorary Professor of SPbUHSS. Author of academic papers and books on social and labour relations, social policy, theory and practice of labour and trade union movements, including books “Russian Trade Unions into the XXI Century”, “here is No Win without a Fight!”, “For Honorable Labour” “Trade Union News Though the Lens of Humour” (co-author); manuals for trade union workers and active members of organizations: “Conflicts in Work Collective” (co-author), “FITUR in the Changing Society”, “FITUR in Questions and Answers”; of the chapter “The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia” in the book “15 Years of the UCTU: Looking into the Future”. Head of the editorial board of the book “History of Trade Unions of Russia”. Head of the group of authors of the book “Comments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation”. Coordinator of the Russian trilateral commission for regulation of social and labour relations between all-Russian associations of trade unions, all-Russian associations of employers and the Government of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Trustee Council, Honorary Professor of the Academy of Labour and Social Relations. Member of the Board of VEO (Free Economic Association) of Russia. He was awarded the Order of Friendship, the Order “The Badge of Honor”, Order for Service to the Motherland, III, IV degrees, the Medal “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”, the Diploma of the Government of the Russian Federation and others.