Member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honorary Director of the Institute of Archeology of the NAS of Ukraine, academician of the NAS of Ukraine, foreign member of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (History), Professor. Author of more than 500 scientifi c publications, including 25 books: “Ancient Kiev”, “Ancient Rus”, “Ancient Russian Feudal City”, “Historical Portraits”, “Russian Chronicles and Chroniclers of the 10th–13th Centuries”, “Vladimir the Saint – Yaroslav the Wise”, “From Rus to Ukraine”, “The Ancient Russian People, Imaginary or Real”, “Power in Ancient Rus in the 10th–13th Centuries”, “Ukrainians in Russia”, “The Origins of Russian Land”, etc. Member of the Academy of Europe (London), corresponding member of the Central German Archaeological Institute. Laureate of the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR in the Field of Science and Technology, State Prize of Ukraine, the Grushevsky Prize of the NAS of Ukraine, Makarievskaya Prize and Alexander Nevsky Prize (Russia). Awarded the 3rd–5th Class Orders of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, “the Badge of Honor” (Ukraine), the Order of Friendship and the Order of the Badge of Honor (Russia). Hono rary Doctor of SPbUHSS.