Director of the Thracian Scientific Institute, Professor of the Department of Political Economy of the University of National and World Economy (Sofia), corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy). Principal Secretary of the Bulgarian Philosophical Society (1978–1989), Director of the Institute of Philosophical Sciences (1988–1992) and the Institute of Philosophical Research of the BAS (1995–2010). Author of more than 500 scientific publications, including 22 monographs: “Cognition and values”, “Biosocial values”, “Bioethics”, “Civil society and global capitalism”, “Global changes and the destiny of Bulgaria”, “Violence in the modern era”, “The future of philosophy”, “Sociology of philosophy”, “The theory of Bulgarian transition”, “System cycles and future of history: Where is the world heading”, etc. Member of the editorial boards of a num¬ber of scientific journals. Public intellectual and author of hundreds of papers in mass media.