Deputy Director of the Institute for African Studies of the RAS, Head of the Center for Global and Strategic Studies of the Institute for African Studies of the RAS, corresponding member of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor. Member of the Academic Council attached to the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Author of more than 280 academic papers, including Islam, Global Governance and New World Order (coauthor), Africa and National Interests of Russia (coauthor), Africa: Resource Wars in the 21st Century, The Economy of Global Terrorism, International Capital Flow in the Globalization Environment, Financial Monitoring (educational aid), Shady Turnover and Capital Flight, Is It Possible to Overcome Hunger? Main Problem of Emerging Countries, etc. Member of the Academic Council of the RAS for the Issues of Africa. Chief editor of the journal Proceedings of the Institute for African Studies and serial publications Global and Strategic Studies. Member of editorial boards of 6 journals (Asia and Africa Today, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of Money Laundering Control, etc.). Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council at the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation for Global Problems and International Relations. President of the Moscow Independent Document Center for Issues of Freedom, Democracy, and Lawfulness.