President of the International Progress Organization (Vienna, Austria), Professor Emeritus at the University of Innsbruck, former Chairman of the Institute of Philosophy, Ph. D. Author of 40 scientific publications, including: “Phenomenological Realism: Selected Essays”, “Democracy and International Legal State. Proposals for an Alternative World Order”, “The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in the Context of Contemporary Political Power”, “Global Justice or Global Revenge? International Criminal Law at a Crossroads”, “Muslim–Christian Ties in Europe. Past, Present, Future”, “Security Council as Performer of Justice?”, “World Order: Vision and Reality”, and others. Awarded the Medal of Honor of the Austrian Higher Education Society, the Medal of Honor of the International Peace Bureau (Geneva, Switzerland), the Great Medal of David the Invincible of the Armenian Academy of Philosophy, etc. Honorary doctor of the Mindanao State University (Philippines) and the Armenian State Pedagogical University. Professor Emeritus of Pamukkale University (Turkey). Member of the Advisory Board of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin, Germany).