Minister of National Education of Poland (1996-1997), deputy to the Polish Parliament (Sejm) (1991-1997, 2001), Dr. Sc. (Sociology). Author of scholarly papers on sociology of politics, including the monographs “Social Studies of Political Relations”, “The Soldier and the Nation: The Role of the Military in Polish Politics, 1918-1985”, “Four Essays on East European Democratic Transformation”, “Political Sociology in Eastern Europe: A Trend Report and Bibliography”, “Socjologia wojska”, “Socjologia wielkiej przemiany”, “Socjaldemokracja wobec wyzwań XXI wieku”, “Socjologia polityki”, “Europa pokomunistyczna – przemiany państw i społeczeństw po 1989 roku”, “Refleksje o polskim interesie narodowym” etc. amny articles, including “The Eastern Europe: the Fate of Democracy”, “Poland and Russia: National Interest of Historical Memory?”, “World War Two and The New World Order”, “The Political Crisis in Ukraine and its Consequences” and many others. Honorary rector of the European Higher School for Law and Management in Warsaw, honorary president of the Central European Association for Political Science, professor emeritus of Warsaw University, senator emeritus of Ljubljana University, doctor emeritus of the Oles Gonchar National University in Dnepropetrovsk. Honoured with the Order of Polonia Restituta of the second class.