Chief Researcher of the Institute of State and Law of the RAS, Academician of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Law), Professor. Author of more than 150 scientific publications, including: “National Law in The Context of Globalization”, “Modern Global Challenges and National Interests”, “Culture as a Factor Influencing the Development of International Law”, “Legal Culture and Legal Nihilism: Characteristics, Assessments, Problems”, “National and International Legal Order In the Context of Geopolitical Situation”, “White Spots in Modern International Law”, “The Role of Private International Law in the Interaction of National Legal Systems”, “Legal Immunities from ‘Colored Revolutions’”, “Dispute Resolution Procedure in Connection with the Protection and Transfer of Rights to Inventions, Know-How and Trademarks”, “Arbitration in Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation”, “Legal Issues of Scientific, Technological and Industrial Cooperation”, “Private International Law: Current Problems” (co-authored), “Legal Regulation of Foreign Investments in Russia”, “International Civil Procedure: Current Trends”, “Human Rights and Modern State Legal Development”, “New Challenges and International Law”, “The Role of Law in Russia’s Economic Modernization (Case Study in the Oil and Gas Sector)”, and others. Member of the editorial boards of the journals “State and Law” and “Proceedings of the Institute of State and Law” of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the Bureau of the Department of Social Sciences of the RAS. Awarded the Orders of Friendship, Leopold II (Belgium), and St. Sergius of Radonezh.